No internet

I have moved to my apartment and, for the time being, have little to no internet.

If we are close, you know who you are, and you are in the states, message me and maybe we can text :)

Love to all of you and thank you for the concerning, kind and lovely messages during this rough time. I am so lucky to have such amazing followers

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Anonymous asked: hey love :) i've been through something similar.. i'm so sorry that this happened to you. nothing like this deserves to be happened to you. you are the most wonderful, amazing person. youre a beautiful person inside and out, i would rather this happened a hundred times to me if it would never happen to you. i'm so sorry. please know that you are loved <3

Thank you, kind anon. I wish this on no one. I know I will heal… and I will be fine. But the initial shock and pain is just throwing me off a bit. I’m unbalanced and need to get back to me… im fine during the light of day… but tend to lose it at night…

Thank you, again, for your kindness. Xoxo

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Anonymous asked: a real human bean

I AM a bean. How’d you know?

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Anonymous asked: I don't even know what to say just know that we all love you to death and you're an amazing person!

Thank you, sweet soul. I love you all too… I just need time to heal.

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My heart hurts.


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Love and Good Vibes